War of the Vikings Achievement List

Valhalla can wait! Valhalla can wait!
Revive a squadmate
Saxon dogs! Saxon dogs!
Kill 10 saxon squad leaders in a single round
Byrhtnoth Byrhtnoth
Kill 10 viking squad leaders in a single round
Hidden Achievement
Tungur hnifur Tungur hnifur
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Mark it zero! Mark it zero!
End a game with at least 10 kills and 0 deaths
Ragnar Lothbrok Ragnar Lothbrok
Win one game as the leader of a squad
Thrall Thrall
Reach rank 10
Fri-hals Fri-hals
Reach rank 20
Drengr Drengr
Reach rank 30
Thegn Thegn
Reach rank 40
Hersir Hersir
Reach rank 50
Jarl Jarl
Reach rank 60