Wanderjahr Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Rescue (1) Rescue (1)
Rescue member from ramen restaurant.
Old 16 bit limit Old 16 bit limit
Have more than 0xFFFF gold.
Counter it Counter it
Perform Counter Break at correct timing.
Kawaii Kawaii
Obtain Scarab Artifact.
Hidden Achievement
Rescue (2) Rescue (2)
Rescue member from pyramid.
Hidden Achievement
Symbol Trick Symbol Trick
Obtain Artifact Slot from airship.
Damage limit break Damage limit break
Dealt more than 0x270F * 0xA damage in 1 hit.
Hidden Achievement
Forgotten Beast Forgotten Beast
Obtained the last Artifact Slot.
Hidden Achievement
Demolition man Demolition man
Eliminate the master hidden in dungeon.
Hidden Achievement
Signal Signal
Restore all teleportation signals.
Artifact Combine Artifact Combine
Combine Artifact correctly.
Research Master Research Master
Learn all RS.
Hidden Achievement
Proud of you Proud of you
Beat the game.
Hidden Achievement
Artifact Master Artifact Master
Obtained all Artifacts.
Grinding Grinding
Max out level all characters.
Thanks for playing :) Thanks for playing 🙂
Earn crown star for all missions.