Wander Achievement List

Wanderer Wanderer
Collect every other trophy in Wander
Lightseeker Lightseeker
Unlock the fireflies
Top of the World Top of the World
First time reaching the top of floating island
Protector of the Skies Protector of the Skies
Unlock Griffin form
Warden of the Forests Warden of the Forests
Unlock Hira form
Denizen of the Deep Denizen of the Deep
Unlock Azertash form
Perfect Balance Perfect Balance
Unlock all four forms
Aviator Aviator
Fly to another island without landing or swimming
Daredevil Daredevil
Sky dive onto a Griffin from a floating island
Base Jumper Base Jumper
Sky dive onto a Griffin from Tower City
Risktaker Risktaker
Sky dive onto one Griffin from another
Dizzy Dizzy
Execute all four Skydiving tricks in a single freefall
Skywalker Skywalker
Complete all other Skydiving trophies
Fleet of Flight Fleet of Flight
Gain more than 500m altitude via thermals
Lore-Seeker Lore-Seeker
25 lorestones collected
Storyteller Storyteller
50 lorestones collected
Historian Historian
75 lorestones collected
Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer
Spend half an hour in flight without landing
Spelunk! Spelunk!
Explore ten different caves
Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings
First time visiting the lore cave
Cave of Wonders Cave of Wonders
Discover a cave on a floating island
Who put this here? Who put this here?
Find Disophyros Chloroxylon in a place where it does not belong
First Words First Words
Unlock and successfully use five communication glyphs
Conversationalist Conversationalist
Unlock and successfully use ten communication glyphs
Linguist Linguist
Unlock and successfully use thirty communication glyphs
City of Kings City of Kings
First time swimming inside of Tower City
Pruney Fingers Pruney Fingers
Spend an hour swimming
Catbus! Catbus!
Gain passenger as Griffin
Tongue-Tied Tongue-Tied
Enter unknown communication glyph 100 times
Birdwatcher Birdwatcher
Find Griffin’s nesting cave
Cartographer Cartographer
Visit every area of the first island