Wake Achievement List

Sub-Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant
Completed on Easy
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Completed on Medium
Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander
Completed on Hard
Spare Keys Spare Keys
Finished with at least 1 extra key
Here's Jonny! Here’s Jonny!
Found the axe
Pineapple Pineapple
Found the secret shop
Art Critic Art Critic
Found the statue
Forisicide Forisicide
Do 100hp damage to doors
No Swimming No Swimming
Avoided water inside the ship
Sizzler Sizzler
Put yourself out whilst on fire
Empty Handed Empty Handed
Didn’t collect any keys
Uncurious Uncurious
Didn’t collect any meteorites
Carrots! Carrots!
Didn’t use any lights
Wide Awake Wide Awake
Didn’t get knocked out
Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac
Collected a total of 100 keys
Magic Pockets Magic Pockets
Collected a total of 100 meteors
Slam Duncan Slam Duncan
Beat Duncan’s time on hard
Way Out Way Out
Found all 3 exits