Wailing Heights Achievement List

Prison Break Prison Break
You have successfully completed the tutorial.
All Extras Found All Extras Found
Good hunting. You found all extras in the game.
All Limericks Found All Limericks Found
You found all the limericks!
Eye Poke Eye Poke
You’re a mean vampire
Act 1 Complete Act 1 Complete
Found the book, lost your body.
Act 2 Complete Act 2 Complete
We are Deadbeats!
All the Balls All the Balls
You exchanged all the ball talk.
Thirsty! Thirsty!
Ordered everything from the Zombie Shop.
Zombie Chat Zombie Chat
Zombie talk at the water fountain.
Is it something I said? Is it something I said?
Why can’t I understand this zombie?
True Detective True Detective
Exhausted your interrogation techniques.