VROOM: Galleon Achievement List

Cannoneer Cannoneer
Fire every cannon.
Connoisseur Connoisseur
Drink your fill of wine.
Enterprising Enterprising
There’s a second secret on the island.
Explorer Explorer
Discover one of the island’s secrets.
Fish-Out-Of-Water Fish-Out-Of-Water
Find a way back aboard.
Haunted Haunted
Be laughed-at by an Aztec God.
King of the World King of the World
Reach the ship’s foremost point.
Krakshot Krakshot
Shoot the Kraken.
Landlubber Landlubber
Spend 15 minutes on shore.
Maverick Maverick
Fly inverted.
Rig Monkey Rig Monkey
Climb to the ship’s highest point.
Sharkbait Sharkbait
Feed a shark.
Pistoleer Pistoleer
Defeat the monkeys.