Volvox Achievement List

Create the Volvox Create the Volvox
Complete the Volvox creature
Create the Planarian Create the Planarian
Complete the Planarian creature
Create the Worm Create the Worm
Complete the Worm creature
Create the Rotifer Create the Rotifer
Complete the Rotifer creature
Create the Jellyfish Create the Jellyfish
Complete the Jellyfish creature
Create the Shrimp Create the Shrimp
Complete the Shrimp creature
Create the Trilobite Create the Trilobite
Complete the Trilobite creature
Create the Nautilus Create the Nautilus
Complete the Nautilus creature
Create the Fish Create the Fish
Complete the Fish creature
Evolution Evolution
Complete all the creatures
First climb First climb
Meet the purple Trimoeba
First mutation First mutation
Discover the mutant Trimoeba
Lord of the Volvox Lord of the Volvox
Complete the Volvox in advanced mod
Lord of Mitochondria Lord of Mitochondria
Complete half of the game in advanced mod
Lord of Trimoebas Lord of Trimoebas
Complete the game in advanced mod
Hiroshima Hiroshima
Detonate 1000 Trimoebas
Divinity Divinity
Give life to 1000 Trimoebas
Patriarch Patriarch
Clone 1000 Trimoebas
Stylist Stylist
Try all 15 other background molds and comple a level for each of them
Two-headed beast Two-headed beast
Complete Sleeping Beast in two different ways
Secret fish Secret fish
Complete Fishbone without freeing the trapped trimoeba
Sleeve Sleeve
Complete Long arm without pasting any hooked Trimoeba
Fair barter Fair barter
Complete barter in two different ways
Sailor Sailor
Complete Node in two different ways
Manholes Manholes
Complete Drainage in three different ways