VolChaos Achievement List

Death Sucks Death Sucks
Complete a level without dying.
Mighty Quick Mighty Quick
Finish a level in under 7 seconds.
Got Those Gems Got Those Gems
Collect all gems in a level.
Ouch That's Pointy Ouch That’s Pointy
Die by landing on some spikes.
Keep Trying Keep Trying
Die 10 times on 1 level.
Bat Out of Hell Bat Out of Hell
Get killed by a fire bat.
Glutton for Punishment Glutton for Punishment
Die 100 times.
Burning for You Burning for You
Die 100 times in lava.
Close Call Close Call
Get the flag after lava has reached it.
Find a Faster Way Find a Faster Way
Finish level 49 in under 49 seconds.
Ten Spot Ten Spot
Collect all gems in 10 levels.
Into the Darkness Into the Darkness
Complete an expert level.
You Complete Me You Complete Me
Finish all normal levels.
Complete Expert Complete Expert
Finish all expert levels.
Fun Sloth Fun Sloth
Find the mythical Fun Sloth.