Voidspire Tactics Achievement List

Trash or Treasure Trash or Treasure
Discover an item by digging with a Shovel.
Polymath Polymath
Unlock all 18 classes.
Able Able
Learn all abilities of a single class.
Aerstone Thief Aerstone Thief
Recover 4 Aerstone.
Problem Solver Problem Solver
Destroy 5 Antiair.
Spideslayer Spideslayer
Defeat 30 arachnids.
Kitted Out Kitted Out
Equip a primary class, secondary class, and 3 passives.
Crafty Crafty
Create something using a Crafting Kit.
Super Scholar Super Scholar
Complete 50% of the Journal.
The Missing Part The Missing Part
Repair a damaged vehicle.
Inspiring Performance Inspiring Performance
Beat the game on any difficulty setting.