Void Raiders Achievement List

Dismembered Dismembered
Defeat Quartermaster.
Stomped Stomped
Kill Ripper Overlord.
No Fly Zone! No Fly Zone!
Defeat Void Industries gunship.
Walking Tank Walking Tank
Reach max level with Boris
Bladedancer Bladedancer
Reach max level with Gudrun
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Reach max level with Tina
Drone Enthusiast Drone Enthusiast
Prove you are one!
Survived Genocide Survived Genocide
Survive genocide difficulty.
Mass Murderer Mass Murderer
Score 500 kills during one game.
Mega Killer Mega Killer
Score 1000 kills during one game.
Turbo Killer! Turbo Killer!
Score 2000 kills during one game.
Be Like Jesus! Be Like Jesus!
Stack 8 Thorn crowns.
Ocultist Ocultist
Stack 8 Dark talismans.
Ripper Labs Survivor Ripper Labs Survivor
Complete Ripper Labs level.
Data Archive Conqueror Data Archive Conqueror
Complete Data Archives level.
Neon Gardener Neon Gardener
Complete Neon Gardens level.
Monastery Cleaner Monastery Cleaner
Complete Moanstery level.
Squid Cult Ender Squid Cult Ender
Complete Squid Shrine level.
Void Industries Saboteur Void Industries Saboteur
Complete Void Industries Warehouse level.
Evil Place Conqueror Evil Place Conqueror
Complete Evil Place level.
Dismembered II Dismembered II
Defeat Quartermaster during loop.
Stomped II Stomped II
Kill Ripper Overlord druring loop.
No Fly Zone II No Fly Zone II
Defeat Void Industries gunship during loop.
Tycoon Tycoon
Have 1000 creds aviable.
Station 37 robber Station 37 robber
Complete Station 37 level.
Armorsmith Armorsmith
Upgrade piece of your gear.
Master Armorsmith Master Armorsmith
Fully upgrade gear on one of the characters.
Speed Run Beginner Speed Run Beginner
Kill first boss before timer hits 3rd minute.
Experienced Speed Runner Experienced Speed Runner
Kill second boss before timer hits 7th minute.
Diabolic Speed Runner Diabolic Speed Runner
Kill third boss before timer hits 10th minute.
Artifact Collector Artifact Collector
Unlock all artifacts in your Artifact Vault.