Void & Meddler Achievement List

Hack Machine Hack Machine
Find a Hack Machine
Shower Shower
Take a shower
Dictionary Dictionary
Translate the sign
Knife Knife
Take a knife
Octaver Octaver
Use an Octaver pedal effect
Strange manual Strange manual
Decipher a strange manual
Panic At Needle Park Panic At Needle Park
Someone gave you an old product
Toilet Toilet
A clogged toilet
Jan Jan
Jan was electrocuted
Pen in your Throat Pen in your Throat
End of the 1st act.
Puppet Puppet
End of the 1st act. Alt.vers.
Glasses Glasses
End of the 1st act. Hard.version
Crowbar Crowbar
You took a crowbar
Waiter Waiter
You served everyone
Stealth Stealth
Steal something in the restaurant
Drink Drink
Drink to your death
Shoot Shoot
Your feet disapprove
Weirdy Robot Weirdy Robot
Ey began to act strangely
Friend Friend
Ey is your friend now
Anti-Hormone Anti-Hormone
End of the 2nd act.
Extinction Extinction
End of the 2nd act. Alt.Vers.
No winners No winners
End of the 2nd act. Hard.version