Visibility Achievement List

I did it, mom! I did it, mom!
Complete the game
New to heaven New to heaven
Die 10 times
Know the feeling Know the feeling
Die 100 times
Pins and needles Pins and needles
Die 1000 times
A Fresh Start A Fresh Start
Reset the level 10 times
It's going well, I see It’s going well, I see
Reset the level 100 times
Spammer Spammer
Reset the level 1000 times
An Ember An Ember
Place 150 lights in total
A Flame A Flame
Place 300 lights in total
A Bonfire A Bonfire
Place 500 lights in total
Literally Hell Literally Hell
Place 1000 lights in total
God of Light God of Light
Place 3000 lights in total
Hopping like a rabbit Hopping like a rabbit
Jump 1000 times
Hopping like a kangaroo Hopping like a kangaroo
Jump 1500 times
Hopping like a spaceman Hopping like a spaceman
Jump 2000 times
Congrats, noob Congrats, noob
You completed the tutorial