Virtual Pool 4 Achievement List

Bank Shot Bank Shot
Made a bank, ball is hit off a rail into opposing pocket
Combo Shot Combo Shot
Made a combination, ball A into ball B, pocket ball B
Carom Shot Carom Shot
Made a carom, ball A into ball B, pocket ball A
Billiard Shot Billiard Shot
Made a billiard, cue ball off ball A into ball B to pocket
Kick Safe Shot Kick Safe Shot
Made a kick with a snooker safety
Safety Shot Safety Shot
Made a safety with a snooker, cue ball hidden behind a ball
Kick Shot Kick Shot
Made a kick shot, cue ball off rail into ball to pocket
Masse Shot Masse Shot
Made a masse shot, curve cue ball around ball A to pocket ball B
Jump Shot Jump Shot
Made a jump shot, jump cue ball over ball A to pocket ball B
Win Game Win Game
Win a rack or frame
3 Fouls 3 Fouls
You win by making opponent foul 3 consecutive times
Money Made Money Made
Golden break, the money ball was made on the break
Win Match Win Match
Win a match
Whitewash Whitewash
Beat opponent in a match without them scoring
Win Event Win Event
Win an event
Finals Finals
Reach the finals of an event
Semi-Final Semi-Final
Reach the semi finals of an event
Quarter-Finals Quarter-Finals
Reach the quarter finals of an event
Sweet 16 Sweet 16
Reach the last 16 in an event
Numero Uno Numero Uno
Finish a season ranked 1st
Second Best Second Best
Finish a season ranked 2nd or better
Ranked 3rd Ranked 3rd
Finish a season ranked 3rd or better
Top 4 Top 4
Finish a season ranked 4th or better
Top 8 Top 8
“Finish a season ranked in the top 8
Top 16 Top 16
“Finish a season ranked in the top 16
Total Matches Total Matches
Win x matches in a season
The Saver The Saver
Avoid relegation to previous tour
Win Qualifier Win Qualifier
Win a tour qualifier
Moving On Up Moving On Up
Earn promotion to next tour
Masters Champ Masters Champ
Win the tour masters
Tour Champ Tour Champ
Win the tour championships
Run 15 Run 15
Straight Pool, Run 15 consecutive balls without a miss
Run 25 Run 25
Straight Pool, Run 25 consecutive balls without a miss
Run 50 Run 50
Straight Pool, Run 50 consecutive balls without a miss
Run 100 Run 100
Straight Pool, Straight Pool, Run 100 consecutive balls without a miss
Pot Red Pot Red
Snooker, Shoot a red ball into a pocket
Pot Red & Colour Pot Red & Colour
Snooker, Pot a red ball then a colour of choice
Break 10 Break 10
Snooker, Score 10 points in one turn
Break 25 Break 25
Snooker, Score 25 points in one turn
Break 50 Break 50
Snooker, Score 50 points in one turn
Break 75 Break 75
Snooker, Score 75 points in one turn
Centurion Centurion
Snooker, Century break, score 100 consecutive points in one turn
Clear Colours Clear Colours
Snooker, Clear all colours in one turn
Total Clearance Total Clearance
Snooker, Clear all balls in a one turn