Vinyl Achievement List

Welcome to Vinyl Welcome to Vinyl
Play a song to completion
Collector Collector
Add a new record
New Release New Release
Play a song that nobody has played before
Gramophone Gramophone
Reach 0 History of Vinyl by hitting the static balls
Synthesized Synthesized
Reach 100 History of Vinyl by dodging the static balls
Perfect Listen Perfect Listen
Finish a song without hitting a static ball (minimum 2-minute song)
Cross-Genre Cross-Genre
Hit each different genre wall in the same song
Easter Egg Easter Egg
Find the secret on thestart screen. (Hint: It is on the Vinyl logo)
Our Record Company Our Record Company
Click the EAE logo on the About Screen to learn about the EAE program.
Platinum Album Platinum Album
Score over 50,000 in a single song