Villagers Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Let's dance! Let’s dance!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
A Small Village A Small Village
Few Villagers are better than none, though some more would also be fun.
A Medium Village A Medium Village
More people are coming to town, now please don’t let them down.
A Large Village A Large Village
Your city is expanding! Take care, more people are demanding.
A City! A City!
One hundred townsmen, this is a city! Having them starve would be a pity.
A first townhall A first townhall
Home, sweet home, your townhall is built. You better prove worthy or they will speak guilt.
Raiders stopped Raiders stopped
The raiders ‘ve been stopped, the town is saved. You are the saviour, the path is paved.
A new beginning A new beginning
You have completed Chapter 1
The wetlands The wetlands
You have completed Chapter 2
A long, rocky road A long, rocky road
You have completed Chapter 3
Strangers in Paradise Strangers in Paradise
You have completed Chapter 4
Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!
You have completed Chapter 5
New Hope New Hope
You have completed Chapter 6
Stork has come Stork has come
A baby has been delivered
On Guard On Guard
You have extended your Townhall
Hamlet Hamlet
5 houses in your settlement
Town Town
10 houses in your settlement
City City
50 houses in your settlement
Happy People Happy People
You have a very healthy bunch of guys!
400 Villagers 400 Villagers
400 people, what a glory! Keep them save and tell their story!
Merry Island Hoppers Merry Island Hoppers
You managed to get 300 islanders
Survivor Survivor
You survived for a year on the first 10 freeplay maps!