Vietnam ‘65 Achievement List

First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Accumulate rank points
Captain Captain
Accumulate rank points
Major Major
Accumulate rank points
Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Accumulate rank points
Colonel Colonel
Accumulate rank points
Brigadier General Brigadier General
Accumulate rank points
Major General Major General
Accumulate rank points
Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
Accumulate rank points
General General
Accumulate rank points
General of the Army General of the Army
Accumulate rank points
Medal of Honour Medal of Honour
Win a game after allowing H&M to drop below 40 (Veteran)
Prisoner of War Medal Prisoner of War Medal
Lose a game after having an H&M higher than 60
Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Medal
Achieve 2 consecutive decisive victories.
Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Service Cross
Kill over 100 enemies in a game.
Silver Star Silver Star
Kill over 50 enemies from a single enemy faction.
Distinguished Flying Cross Distinguished Flying Cross
Achieve 6 consecutive successful air strikes.
Bronze Star Medal Bronze Star Medal
Improve H&M score for 6 turns in a row.
Air Medal Air Medal
Achieve 4 consecutive successful air strikes with a Cobra.
Purple Heart Purple Heart
Lose more than two transport helicopters in one game.
National Defence Service Medal National Defence Service Medal
Achieve 3 consecutive kills with infantry.
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Win 10 Veteran games
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross
Achieve 5 kills with ARVN infantry in one game.
Vietnam Civil Action Citation Vietnam Civil Action Citation
Maximise the H&M of two villages.
Leader Insignia Leader Insignia
Win 3 games.
Air Assault Badge Air Assault Badge
End the game with at least 4 active Hueys, 1 Chinook and 1 Cobra (Veteran)
Marksman Marksman
Acquire all Marksman badges,
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Acquire all Sharpshooter badges.
Expert Expert
Acquire all Expert badges.
Ordinance Badge Ordinance Badge
Clear 30 mines.
Field Medical Badge Field Medical Badge
Heal 50 US infantry units at the HQ.
Presidential Citation Presidential Citation
Achieve 10 consecutive kills.
Army Meritorious Citation Army Meritorious Citation
Achieve 5 consecutive kills of NVA units using US infantry.
Army Superior Citation Army Superior Citation
Achieve 5 consecutive kills of VC units using US infantry.
Army Vietnam Citation Army Vietnam Citation
Achieve 3 consecutive kills using ARVN infantry.
Foreign Service 1 Foreign Service 1
Play 3 games.
Foreign Service 2 Foreign Service 2
Play 8 games.
Foreign Service 3 Foreign Service 3
Play 13 games.
Foreign Service 4 Foreign Service 4
Play 18 games.
Foreign Service 5 Foreign Service 5
Play 23 games.
Foreign Service 6 Foreign Service 6
Play 28 games.
Lanyard Lanyard
Achieve a decisive victory. (Veteran)
Special Forces Special Forces
Achieve 5 kills in one game using Green Berets.
Drill Instructor Drill Instructor
End a game with 6 or more active ARVN units.
General Staff General Staff
End a game with at least 6 active infantry, 2 mechanized infantry, 2 artillery, 1 armor and 1 cobra unit.
Path Finder Path Finder
Finish a game with at least 3 active forward bases.