Vertigo Void Achievement List

Baby Steps Baby Steps
Complete Level 1
Casual Puzzler Casual Puzzler
Completed all Very Easy Levels
Proficient Proficient
Completed all Easy Levels
Puzzle Master Puzzle Master
Completed all Normal Levels
Genius Genius
Completed all Hard Levels
Mastermind Mastermind
Completed all Very Hard Levels
Expert Expert
Complete all levels with a perfect
Level Designer Level Designer
Create a level
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring
Share a level
Pillar of the Community Pillar of the Community
Complete a community/workshop level
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Achieved a perfect score on any level
Adamantium Legs Adamantium Legs
Fall for 20 blocks
Close call Close call
Complete a level with under 5 seconds remaining
Space Dementia Space Dementia
Die 100 times
So Close... So Close…
Run out of time after activating all buttons
Into the Void Into the Void
Fall off a level after activating all buttons
Fireworks Fireworks
Complete a level, making use of all five beacons
Flashtronaut Flashtronaut
Finish a level with a speed capsule in effect