Vertical Drop Heroes HD Achievement List

Goblin Slayer! Goblin Slayer!
Defeat 25 Goblin Spearmen.
Weapon Unlocked: Crossbow! Weapon Unlocked: Crossbow!
Purchase any 5 unlocks to gain a Crossbow: nail your enemies to the wall!
Weapon Unlocked: Pickaxe! Weapon Unlocked: Pickaxe!
Purchase any 20 unlocks to gain a Pickaxe: dig your way to the depths of the dungeon!
Weapon Unlocked: Katana! Weapon Unlocked: Katana!
Purchase all 50 unlocks to gain a Katana: hack and slash your way past your enemies!
Weapon Unlocked: Warhammer! Weapon Unlocked: Warhammer!
Complete a run in Normal mode to gain a Warhammer: smash your enemies into the scenery!
Weapon Unlocked: Reaver! Weapon Unlocked: Reaver!
Kill 150 enemies in a single run to unlock the Reaver: slay your enemies and absorb their souls!
Weapon Unlocked: Bone Dagger! Weapon Unlocked: Bone Dagger!
Complete at least 3 levels in Pacifist mode on a single run to unlock the Bone Dagger: stab your enemies from behind for mega damage!
Weapon Unlocked: Musket Gun! Weapon Unlocked: Musket Gun!
Achieve a score of 25,000 in New Game Plus to unlock the Musket Gun: blast your enemies to smithereens!
Weapon Unlocked: Infinity Sword! Weapon Unlocked: Infinity Sword!
Complete the game 3 times to unlock the Infinity Sword: turn yourself into the ultimate Glass Cannon!
High Voltage Treatment High Voltage Treatment
Jump into electrified water to get this achievement! But seriously, don’t even try this in real life.
Takes Two to Tango Takes Two to Tango
Complete any level in split screen multiplayer mode.
Jumping Ahead of the Game Jumping Ahead of the Game
Unlock a Green Crystal, skip at least one level using the Teleportation Shrine, and go through the Portal in the Temple of Knowledge.
The Artful Dodger The Artful Dodger
Complete a level without triggering any alarms in single-player mode.
One Hand Tied Behind My Back One Hand Tied Behind My Back
Complete a level without using any Skills or Powers in single-player mode.
On the Shoulders of Giants On the Shoulders of Giants
Upgrade the Apothecary, Blacksmith, and Pacifist Monk to level 10.
We Don't Need Roads! We Don’t Need Roads!
Complete a game in Normal mode without using the Teleportation Shrine.
Boss Bypass Boss Bypass
Open a door blocking a Portal before the Boss of the level is defeated. You’ll need five keys.
Silence of the Lambs Silence of the Lambs
Turn an enemy into a flying sheep… and then get rid of the sheep.
Say Hello to My Little Friend Say Hello to My Little Friend
Summon a Dragon. ROAR.
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand
Complete any of the mini side-quests given by an NPC in a level.
Let Me Out! Let Me Out!
Rescue a friendly hero from a cage. You can either use a key or find a way to break the cage.
The Price of Freedom The Price of Freedom
Keep a rescued Thief alive long enough for him to drop a Red Gem.
Beam Me Up! Beam Me Up!
Use a blue teleporter to return to the top of the level.
It Wasn't Me! It Wasn’t Me!
Defeat 9 enemies in a level while remaining in Pacifist Mode… for example, by using Swap when you are over a pit of spikes, or by letting rescued heroes do your dirty work.
Blackjack! Blackjack!
Gain enough experience to reach Level 21.
What's this Sticky Thing? What’s this Sticky Thing?
Walk into a Cave Spider’s web.
The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
Break yourself free after being frozen by an Ice Bolt by repeatedly pressing Jump.
A Song of Ice and Fire. And Lightning. A Song of Ice and Fire. And Lightning.
Activate a Shrine of Frost, a Shrine of Flames and a Shrine of Sparks in a single run.
I Love Treasure! I Love Treasure!
Open a total of 20 Treasure Chests in a single game. Breaking open the chests also count.
Peace and Non Violence Peace and Non Violence
Collect 12 Pacifist Orbs in a single level.