Vektor Wars Achievement List

Robo Friend Robo Friend
First Robodude Rescue
Robo Hero Robo Hero
Rescue 25 Robodudes
Robo God Robo God
Rescue all Robodudes
Iduzelum Valley Iduzelum Valley
Unlock Iduzelum Valley in Story Mode
Sharkrang Citadel Sharkrang Citadel
Unlock Sharkrang Citadel in Story Mode
Aeroux Desert Aeroux Desert
Unlock Aeroux Desert in Story Mode
Demonlip Volcano Demonlip Volcano
Unlock Demonlip Volcano in Story Mode
Eyeglare Islands Eyeglare Islands
Unlock Eyeglare Islands in Story Mode
Xa'En City Xa’En City
Unlock Xa’En City in Story Mode
Nessarus Town Nessarus Town
Unlock Nessarus Town in Story Mode
Aniss Outpost Aniss Outpost
Unlock Aniss Outpost in Story Mode
Space Cadet Space Cadet
Destroy 10 Robots
Space Marine Space Marine
Destroy 100 Robots
Space General Space General
Destroy 1000 Robots
Mode Master Mode Master
Play each Game Mode
Serious Firepower Serious Firepower
Destroy 5 big spaceships
Lock’n Load Lock’n Load
Collect 10 Weapons
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
Collect all weapons
Sniper Sniper
Shoot 10 enemies of 200 units away
Good Listener Good Listener
Unlock all of the Story messages