Vector Assault Achievement List

Getting Started Getting Started
Score 10000 points.
Warming Up Warming Up
Get 75000 points
Qiuck Win Qiuck Win
Complete a stage in under 2 minutes
Faster Than Before Faster Than Before
Complete a Stage in Arcade mode 5 time in under 2 minutes
Not a Rookie Not a Rookie
Score 300,000 in Survival Mode
Scoring More Scoring More
Score 750,000 points in Survival Mode
Hard to Master Hard to Master
Score 1,250,000 points in Survival Mode
Grand Master Grand Master
Score 1,250,000 points in Survival Mode 10 times
Score Rush Score Rush
Score 2,000,000 points
Score Multiplier Score Multiplier
Get a 5x multiplier
Multiplier Rookie Multiplier Rookie
Get a 10x multiplier
Multiplier Master Multiplier Master
Get a 20x multiplier
Max Multiplier Max Multiplier
Get the highest multiplier possible
Survivor Survivor
Survive for 3 minutes with out dying
Player Vs Enemy Player Vs Enemy
Survive without dying 3 times
Closee Quarters Closee Quarters
Survive for 3 minutes without dying on stage 6
Long Play Long Play
Survive for 5 minutes
Attack First Attack First
Kill 100 enemies without dying
Super Killing Spree Super Killing Spree
Kill 200 enemies without dying
Tight Space Tight Space
Kill 150 enemies on Stage 6 without dying
Enemy of Enemies Enemy of Enemies
Kill 300 enemies on Stage 6 without dying 6 times
Small World Small World
Get 200 kills in Stage 7 without dying
Eleminator Eleminator
Get 300 kills without dying
Stage 1 Stage 1
Clear Stage 1
Stage 2 Stage 2
Clear Stage 2
Stage 3 Stage 3
Clear Stage 3
Stage 4 Stage 4
Clear Stage 4
Stage 5 Stage 5
Clear Stage 5
Stage 6 Stage 6
Clear Stage 6
Stage 7 Stage 7
Clear Stage 7
Stage 8 Stage 8
Clear Stage 8
Stage 9 Stage 9
Clear Stage 9
Arcade Isn't the Only Mode Arcade Isn’t the Only Mode
Play all modes once
50K x3 50K x3
Get 50,000 points in 3 separate levels
Three Million Three Million
Get 3,000,000 points in Survival Mode 3 times