Valzar Achievement List

Welcome to Valzar Welcome to Valzar
Meet the abyss.
Map Revealed Map Revealed
Find your ship’s captain.
Apple Juice Apple Juice
Find an apple juice.
The High Explorer The High Explorer
Have a 2000+ high score.
Full Amulet Full Amulet
Collect 4 amulet pieces.
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
Have 20 gold.
The Mage The Mage
Become a mage.
The Berserker The Berserker
Become a berserker.
The Bard The Bard
Become a bard.
The Warlock The Warlock
Become a warlock.
The Second Map The Second Map
Reach the second land.
The Third Map The Third Map
Reach the third land.
The Fourth Map The Fourth Map
Reach the fourth land.
The Jinn of Magic The Jinn of Magic
With favor comes power.
The Jinn of Dreams The Jinn of Dreams
With favor comes power.
The Jinn of Gold The Jinn of Gold
With favor comes power.
The Jinn of Bones The Jinn of Bones
With favor comes power.
The Ghost Horn The Ghost Horn
Explore the unknown lands.
The Rogue Sea The Rogue Sea
Explore the unknown lands.
Secrets Found Secrets Found
Uncover all secrets.