Valentino Rossi: The Game Achievement List

Hi guys! Hi guys!
Complete your first online race (any discipline)
Online Champion Online Champion
Complete an online championship (any discipline)
Online Expert Online Expert
Complete 25 races online (any discipline)
Flat Track Winner Flat Track Winner
Win a normal Flat Track race
Doctor?  Master! Doctor? Master!
Win a Monza Masters’ Show
I feel special I feel special
Win a Special Stage of the Monza Rally Show
The Eliminator The Eliminator
Win an “Americana” Flat Track Race
All for one, R1M for all! All for one, R1M for all!
Win a Yamaha R1M race
Here’s your side Here’s your side
Complete a split-screen race
The fastest The fastest
Beat a track record on any track with a 2016 MotoGP™
For the crowd For the crowd
Hold a wheelie for 8 consecutive seconds
The beginning The beginning
Sign the contract to race your first season as an official rider
The first of many The first of many
Unlock your first Bonus
Halfway through Halfway through
Unlock 15 Bonuses
All of them! All of them!
Unlock all Bonuses
Improved Improved
Reach the maximum level in one of your rider’s abilities
Definitive rider Definitive rider
Reach the maximum level in all of your rider’s abilities
In your hands In your hands
Win a MotoGP™, Moto2™ or Moto3™ race using Guided Settings
Pole Position start Pole Position start
Gain pole position in a MotoGP™, Moto2™ or Moto3™ race.
The aspiring Doctor The aspiring Doctor
Win a MotoGP™ race with PRO physics, tyre wear and damages activated
A star is born A star is born
Win the 1996 VR|46 Historic Event
3 for the price of 1 3 for the price of 1
Win the 1998 VR|46 Historic Event
On the last bend On the last bend
Win the 2001 VR|46 Historic Event
Swan Song Swan Song
Win the 2002 VR|46 Historic Event
Faster than time itself Faster than time itself
Win the 2003 VR|46 Historic Event
All-Italian podium All-Italian podium
Win the 2005 VR|46 Historic Event
A toast! A toast!
Win the 2008 VR|46 Historic Event
A History Lesson A History Lesson
Win all VR|46 Historic Events
An apple a day... An apple a day…
Win all Challenge “The Doctor” events
There's always a first time There’s always a first time
Complete a race at the Red Bull Ring – Spielberg in Career mode
World Champion! World Champion!
Become world champion in Career mode (any category)
I couldn't wait! I couldn’t wait!
Participate at the Enduranch Flat Track in Career mode
Dirt roads Dirt roads
Race a total of 250 km – 155 miles with a Flat Track bike
Bumpy roads Bumpy roads
Race a total of 250 km – 155 miles with a Rally car
Asphalt roads Asphalt roads
Race a total of 500 km – 311 miles on a MotoGP™, Moto2™ or Moto3™ bike.