Urban Trial Freestyle Achievement List

It's a lifestyle It’s a lifestyle
Set a 5 star rank in every level
Rough 'n' tough Rough ‘n’ tough
Finish any track using only acceleration and brake
Twist again Twist again
Make 500 flips total
Rise to the Challenge Rise to the Challenge
Complete all Challenges
Streets paved with gold Streets paved with gold
Find all the cash (100.000) lying on the tracks
Piece of cake Piece of cake
Complete a track without crashing
Free Spirit Free Spirit
Complete all tracks in Downtown Area
Ripping up the Suburbs Ripping up the Suburbs
Complete all tracks in Outskirts Area
Conquering the depths Conquering the depths
Complete all tracks in Underground Area
Warehouse Wasteland Warehouse Wasteland
Complete all tracks in Industrial Area
The Great Getaway The Great Getaway
Complete all tracks in Train Depot Area
Mayhem Mayhem
Crash 100 times