Urban Pirate Achievement List

Five Finger Discount Five Finger Discount
Steal some food
Inspiration Inspiration
Find the local legend
Get Down Get Down
Smoke some Mary Jane
Modern Day Robin Hood Modern Day Robin Hood
Steal from the rich, and give to the poor and sick
Loaded! Loaded!
Get lucky at the dumpster
Send 'Em Home! Send ‘Em Home!
Whose house? Our house…
Pro Skater Pro Skater
Winner of the Shark City Street Ball
Let 'Em Come! Let ‘Em Come!
Burn down a police tank
Pirate 4 Life Pirate 4 Life
Own the yard
Urban Gardener Urban Gardener
Get some seeds and harvest the plants
Hat, Glasses And A Tie Hat, Glasses And A Tie
Shoplift away!
Take Flight! Take Flight!
Jetpack comes with endless gas
Reclaim The Streets Reclaim The Streets
Boring, Okay, BANGING, RIOT!
True Pirate True Pirate
The streets have taught you all you need to know… You’re on your own now
Vendetta Vendetta
Let’s end this once and for all…
Street Cred Galore! Street Cred Galore!
Collect 2500 Street Credit