Unrest Achievement List

Opportunist Opportunist
Seize the advantage where others would shy away.
Dutiful Dutiful
Do what’s right by your family and community.
Independent Independent
Act in your own interest.
Calm Calm
Take the most advisable course of action.
Resentful Resentful
Refuse to hold back your anger.
Proud Proud
Stand firm, even when things are at their darkest.
Practical Practical
Give ground to keep your skin intact.
Trusting Trusting
Help the needy, even when you have little yourself.
Human Solidarity Human Solidarity
Recognize that humans would have to work together to overcome the Naga.
Sympathetic Sympathetic
Acknowledge the hardships Naga face.
Stalwart Stalwart
Stand your ground.
Careful Careful
Do whatever you can to protect your family.
Calculating Calculating
Even the odds however you can.
Brazen Brazen
Have a heart of pure iron.
Combat Veteran Combat Veteran
Fight your fair share of battles.
Councilor Councilor
Serve the city.
Company Leader Company Leader
Lead your own mercenary company.
One Of The Boys One Of The Boys
Talk to your men in a language they understand.
Hard Man Hard Man
Earn a reputation for toughness.
Loyal Loyal
Make sure your men get paid.
Seasoned Seasoned
You are an old diplomat.
Mentor Mentor
Meet your student and successor.
Cordial Cordial
You know how to be just polite enough.
Disarming Disarming
Use humor to make friends.
Venomous Venomous
Use words to sow doubt in people.
Inspirational Inspirational
Go into harm’s way for the sake of the Empire.
Prudent Prudent
Know when it is best to bow out.
Fugitive Fugitive
Nobody can know who you are.
Starving Starving
You can’t remember the last time you had more than scraps to eat.
Loner Loner
You never had many friends.
Best Friends Best Friends
In the end, not even escape could seperate them.
Princess Princess
You are of royal blood.
Naive Naive
You’ve never left the palace.
Callous Callous
Don’t let mercy cloud your resolve.
Adaptable Adaptable
Compromise if it serves your interests.
Realist Realist
You sold medicine to the black market – where it’d go anyway.
Principled Principled
You left your temple for ethical reasons.
Reasonable Reasonable
You would rather surrender than die.
Leader Leader
Lead the rebellion.
Queen-To-Be Queen-To-Be
It is your right to rule Bhimra.
Peacemaker Peacemaker
Broker a deal to help the Naga.
Dangerous Dangerous
Stare a man in the face while he dies by your orders.
Uncompromising Uncompromising
Don’t blindly follow orders.
Steady Steady
Surrender when you have to.
Warrior Warrior
You would rather die than be captured alive.
Murderer Murderer
Stop Ranveer no matter what the cost.
Vengeful Vengeful
Give no quarter to those who threaten you.
Informant Informant
You pay well for eyes in the right place.