Unnamed Fiasco Achievement List

The Flag is Mine The Flag is Mine
Keep the flag for two straight minutes in Capture the Flag mode.
Triple Killer Triple Killer
Perform 3 Triple Kills in a single match.
Eyes on the Prize Eyes on the Prize
Retrieve 5 Treasures in a row in Treasure Hunt mode.
F*ck Da Police F*ck Da Police
Do not get killed in a Police Chase game.
No Need No Gun No Need No Gun
Get five kills without using your gun.
Minute Madness Expert Minute Madness Expert
Get most of your kills when the Minute Madness is enabled.
A God Among Men A God Among Men
Win by scoring more points than all other players combined (in 3 or 4-player mode).
Possessive Possessive
Be the first one to capture the flag and never let go of it.
Hidden Achievement
Everybody is Dead Everybody is Dead
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Souvenir Collector Souvenir Collector
Win a Dog Tag game with least kills.
Comeback is a B*tch Comeback is a B*tch
Be the player with fewer points at sometime and still win the game (in 3 or 4-player mode).
Serve and Protect Serve and Protect
Kill at least one player every time you are the police in a Police Chase game.
100% 100%
Achieve 100% in the single player challenges.