Undead Overlord Achievement List

When you gotta go... When you gotta go…
Find a quick bite to eat at a Port-a-Potty
That was so in tents That was so in tents
Whoa, you beat the alpha 1 skirmish mission! Is that possible?
What about second breakfast? What about second breakfast?
Go back for second helping and finish eating the doctor in Mission 01: Born in a Small Town
Send more cops Send more cops
Survive the counter-assault on the police station
For the Herd For the Herd
Skewer 10 meatsacks with a zombie goat
Strike! Strike!
Take out 5 meat-sacks in a single Tank Zombie stomp attack
People Killing People People Killing People
Use a mind controlled meat-sack to kill another meat-sack
Blood Lust Blood Lust
Burn through 2x chaos capacity in a single chaos rage burn