UmiharaKawase Shun Steam Edition Achievement List

Four Seasons Four Seasons
Finish “UmiharaKawase Shun”
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Finish “UmiharaKawase Shun” without losing a life
Fish'em All Fish’em All
Visit all stages
Foot in the Door Foot in the Door
Finish all doors
Packed and Ready Packed and Ready
Obtain all backpacks
Fresh Catch Fresh Catch
Catch all enemies
Steady and Fast Steady and Fast
Finish Stage 0 within 15 seconds
No Looking Back No Looking Back
Finish Stage 0 within 10 seconds
From the Beginning From the Beginning
Use door that returns to Stage 0
Nice Catch! Nice Catch!
Catch Sharksucker thrown by Shark while in air
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Catch 3 Flying Fish that jumps from the bucket
Kidnapper Kidnapper
Catch all Kid Frogs during Tadpole battle
Squid Fishing Squid Fishing
Catch all Squids during Squid battle
Rocket Balloon Rocket Balloon
Finish Pufferfish battle with only blowing it away twice
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
Let 3 birds land on body at the same time
Uplifting Uplifting
Travel upwards 2 screens or more without touching the floor
Don't Let Go Don’t Let Go
Make a catch after moving more than 2 screens with lure attached to the enemy