Umbra: Shadow of Death Achievement List

Level 1 complete. Level 1 complete.
Finished level 1 and made it under-ground.
Level 2 complete. Level 2 complete.
Finished level 2.
Level 3 complete. Level 3 complete.
Finished level 3.
Level 4 complete. Level 4 complete.
Finished level 4.
Level 5 complete. Level 5 complete.
Finished level 5.
Level 6 complete. Level 6 complete.
Finished level 6.
Finished the game! Finished the game!
Against all of the odds, you stuck to it and finished the game – well done!
Gold star award. Gold star award.
Completed the game and died less than 20 times! Outstanding!
Silver star award. Silver star award.
Completed the game and died less than 40 times! Excellent!
Bronze star award. Bronze star award.
Completed the game and died less than 60 times! Well done!
Puzzle gold award. Puzzle gold award.
Completed the game without using any hints at all. You clever so-and-so…
Puzzle silver award. Puzzle silver award.
Completed the game and used less than 5 hints to solve the puzzles.
Driving gold standard. Driving gold standard.
Crashed the truck less than 5 times! Good skills!
Driving silver standard. Driving silver standard.
Crashed the truck no more than 10 times!
Liberator award. Liberator award.
Saved the imprisoned children. This is a special award for cunning and determination. Well done!
UFO killer. UFO killer.
Nice shooting – you shot down a UFO!
UFO marksman. UFO marksman.
You demonstrated determination and skill by shooting down 2 UFOs! This is almost impossible!
Suicidal tendencies. Suicidal tendencies.
You seem to enjoy killing yourself – you died more than 100 times!
Log jump. Log jump.
You successfully negotiated the first obstacle – well done!
Rope climber. Rope climber.
Figured out how to swing on and jump off a rope. It’s harder than it sounds!
Not squeamish. Not squeamish.
You weren’t put off by the rotting torso… Well played!
Bullet dodger. Bullet dodger.
Avoided an onslaught of bullets.
Raiders of the lost cart.... Raiders of the lost cart….
A different kind of roller-coaster – and you owned it!
Archimedes would have been proud. Archimedes would have been proud.
This puzzle was particularly challenging – well done!
Oblivion. Oblivion.
No one can hear you scream when you’re in oblivion.
Stunt driver. Stunt driver.
Get some air in a monster truck!
Bridge jumping hero. Bridge jumping hero.
It’s not every day that you get to jump a bridge like that! Awesome!
Found sister. Found sister.
It’s been a long and difficult journey, but now it’s almost at an end – you found your sister!
Looped-the-loop. Looped-the-loop.
An achievement of gravity-defying proportions. Completed in a monster truck, no less!
Freedom Freedom
You gave freedom to an imprisoned kid – well done!
Scales of injustice Scales of injustice
Representing determination beyond reason.
Leap of faith Leap of faith
Excellent problem solving topped by a leap into the unknown.