Tyto Ecology Achievement List

Green Thumb - Desert Green Thumb – Desert
Gardening is fun! Have you written your name in jointfir clumps yet?
Green Thumb - Rainforest Green Thumb – Rainforest
Gardening is fun! And important to your biodome. Keep going!
Green Thumb - Grassland Green Thumb – Grassland
Gardening is fun! And there should be a lot of grass in the grassland!
Circle of Life Circle of Life
Animal eats plant, decomposer decomposes animal matter, plant uses decomposed nutrients to grow. Just like rock-paper-scissors.
Consumers' Paradise Consumers’ Paradise
Place five animal territories in your biodome. Try not to let them starve.
Babies! Babies!
Awww, they’re so little! The predators will probably like them, too!
The What and the Bees? The What and the Bees?
There’s something seedy about these fruits…because fruits have seeds!
Week Sauce Week Sauce
You survived a week. Just 51 more of these and you might have an achievement that’s actually impressive.
1 Year Anniversary 1 Year Anniversary
Happy first birthday to your biodome! Enjoy this, because years 2 through 9 won’t get you any achievements.
Decade Decade
Ten whole years of ecology! Think you can make it for fifty?
Deer Prudence 1 Deer Prudence 1
Justify this pun by having a Mule Deer survive to a ripe, old age.
Deer Prudence 2 Deer Prudence 2
Yes, we re-used this pun for the Marsh Deer.
Consistent Gardener Consistent Gardener
The flower that blooms best blooms last…then the entire plant dies.
Half Centurion Half Centurion
Silver anniversary! Now *this* is something to celebrate!
Team Tortoise Team Tortoise
Slow and steady wins the race to maturity! (For Desert Tortoises, anyway.)
Everything the Light Touches... Everything the Light Touches…
Everything the light touches is now yours, even at night!
All the Animals - Desert All the Animals – Desert
The animals of the desert are all yours to command!
Plenty of Plants - Desert Plenty of Plants – Desert
You’ve unlocked every plant in the desert! Is it going to rain soon?
All the Animals - Rainforest All the Animals – Rainforest
Release the rainforest creatures! …Because they’re all unlocked!
Plenty of Plants - Rainforest Plenty of Plants – Rainforest
You’ve unlocked all the rainforest plants! Now you can make a real rain*forest*!
All the Animals - Grassland All the Animals – Grassland
From mouse to bison, all grassland animals have been unlocked!
Plenty of Plants - Grassland Plenty of Plants – Grassland
The grassland plants are all unlocked! Can you believe we put three types of grass in here?
Can of Decomposers Can of Decomposers
Thanks, earthworms, for keeping detritus from wrecking the biodome!
Centurion Centurion
You’ve played one-hundred years of Ecology!
Bio-Centennial Bio-Centennial
Two-hundred years! You’re a master of ecology!
Green Thumb - Himalayas Green Thumb – Himalayas
Gardening is fun! You’ll need a lot to support elephants!
Plenty of Plants: Himalayas Plenty of Plants: Himalayas
The Himalayan plants are all unlocked!
All the Animals: Himalayas All the Animals: Himalayas
All Himalayan animals have been unlocked!
Green Thumb - Tundra Green Thumb – Tundra
Gardening is fun! You’ll need a lot to support moose!
All the Animals: Tundra All the Animals: Tundra
All Tundra animals have been unlocked!
Plenty of Plants: Tundra Plenty of Plants: Tundra
The Tundra plants are all unlocked!