Typefighters (Steam Edition) Achievement List

Typing Tour Typing Tour
Play all modes in a single match.
Tour de Force Tour de Force
Win all modes in a single match.
Flawless Typing Flawless Typing
Win a round with 100% accuracy.
Clash of Titans Clash of Titans
Play a round where both players reach 40 GWPM or more.
That Was Close! That Was Close!
Win a close game.
Hero vs. Zero Hero vs. Zero
No points for your opponent.
Social Typer Social Typer
Play a multiplayer game.
Cross-Player Cross-Player
Play against someone on another platform.
Hyper Typer Hyper Typer
Win a singleplayer game with at least double game and AI speed.
Perfect Sink Perfect Sink
Win a round without any word leaving the screen [Stream mode].
Twitch Speed Twitch Speed
Win a round with every word finished in less than 2 s [Attention mode].
I Know Words I Know Words
Create words starting with every character of the alphabet in a single round [Creative mode].
Tug of Equals Tug of Equals
That line barely moved [Tug mode].
Overkill Overkill
Complete multiple lines at once [Lines mode].
Heavy Hitter Heavy Hitter
Win a round using words with 8 characters or more only [Reflect mode].
Better be Safe Better be Safe
Shoot down all enemy projectiles before they reached the middle of the screen [Projectiles mode].
Psychic Psychic
Guess right most of the time [Guess mode].
Library Access Library Access
Use a custom dictionary.
True Colors True Colors
Fully customize the color scheme.
Hidden Achievement
Typefighters Typefighters
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Hidden Achievement
Fanboy Fanboy
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