Tyler Achievement List

So let's begin So let’s begin
Get the first Key
Warming up Warming up
Complete all the 5×5 levels
Try Me Try Me
Complete all the 6×6 levels
That's it? That’s it?
Complete all the 7×7 levels
I'm not even sweated I’m not even sweated
Complete all the 8×8 levels
I'll do the fireman!! I’ll do the fireman!!
Extinguish 3 flames in one shot
ComboBomb! ComboBomb!
Destroy 3 bombs in one shot
SuperComboBomb SuperComboBomb
Destroy 4 bombs in one shot
Are they all empty? Are they all empty?
Destroy 4 barrels in one shot
Thought Control Thought Control
Activate a lever using the Spawn
Dynamite Sam Dynamite Sam
Destroy 6 bombs in one shot using the detonator
Bomber Bomber
Destroy 100 bombs
Cute like Casper Cute like Casper
Activate 10 levers using the Spawn
Ring of Fire Ring of Fire
Destroy a barrel through a flame
Sniper Sniper
Destroy an obstacle from the further symmetrical distance
Post Mortem Post Mortem
Get killed by a cannon shot while destroying a bomb
I'm Tyler I’m Tyler
Collect all the trophies
Fifth Element Fifth Element
Complete all the game levels