Twisty’s Asylum Escapades Achievement List

Steam Achieved Steam Achieved
Achieving steam by opening up the steam pipe.
Watery Grave Watery Grave
Killing an enemy in the water.
Janitorial Massacre Janitorial Massacre
Kill 10 janitors.
Five By Five Five By Five
Getting all five of the multiplier of a single poster.
5x5x5 5x5x5
Getting five different posters each up to their maximum multiplier number.
Ninja Twisty Ninja Twisty
Five sneak attack bite ‘n shake deaths.
Sick Three Way Sick Three Way
Get one of your minions, a human enemy and an evil ghost to all fight each other simultaneously.
Platforming Platforming
Get a poster that requires you to jump onto another object or surface.
Bloody Mess Bloody Mess
Cause an enemy to slip in a pool of blood.
Musical Interlude Musical Interlude
Play the piano.
Flawless Ghost Busting Flawless Ghost Busting
Defeat an enemy ghost without getting hit.
Mad Crazy Skill Mad Crazy Skill
Defeat one of every enemy without getting hit (except for bosses).
Riding Off Into The Sunrise Riding Off Into The Sunrise
Beating the game.
Next Level Brain Monster Next Level Brain Monster
Reach the level cap.