Hit! Hit!
Perform a 15 Hits Combo (solo)
MAX Hit!! MAX Hit!!
Perform a MAX Hits Combo (solo)
Let's be friends! Let’s be friends!
Play with a friend (local or online)
So much fun! So much fun!
Play with all characters (secrets too) (solo)
Complete a level with full life (solo)
<3 Bombs! <3 Bombs!
Throw 50 “bombs” (character or story mode)
Mevious Mevious
Defeat Mevious (Story mode)
Memory Memory
Defeat Memory (Story mode)
Next to the stars Next to the stars
Reach a score of 1 000 000 (solo)
Story mode Story mode
Complete the Story mode (any difficulty)
Winner! Winner!
Win 5 straight games in multiplayer mode (locale or online)
Boss Attack Boss Attack
Perform 30 “Boss Attack” (solo, charged attack only)
All endings All endings
Complete the game with all characters (character mode)
Charged Attack Charged Attack
Launch 100 charged attacks (solo)
Pro Gamer! Pro Gamer!
Complete the game using less than 10 credits (solo)