Turnover Achievement List

Cop Killer Cop Killer
Help a Rent a Cop take down 4 Sentinels on a floor.
Ghost Ghost
Escape a floor without alerting anyone or anything.
The Shield and Sword The Shield and Sword
After being seen by a Security Camera, escape the floor without being seen again.
Gun Nut Gun Nut
Eliminate 3 raiders on a floor using malfunctioned Turret Guns.
Conductivity Conductivity
Electrocute a Shock Trooper.
Exploitation Exploitation
Kill a stunned enemy.
Surveillance State Surveillance State
Alert 3 Security Cameras on a floor, then escape the floor alive.
Animal Control Animal Control
Fight off an Attack Dog with less than 20% of your stamina left.
Miss Popular Miss Popular
Have 4 Sentinels on alert at once.
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Escape a floor with a Co-Worker at your side.
Finish the Job Finish the Job
See Victoria’s plan to the end.
Change of Heart Change of Heart
Find a new reason to go on.
Turnover Turnover
Make it out of the raid alive.
The Iron Maiden The Iron Maiden
Complete Hard Mode.
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
Find the hidden accuracy perk.
Long Distance Runner Long Distance Runner
Find the hidden stamina perk.
Silent Partner Silent Partner
Find the hidden noise reduction perk.
Second Shift Second Shift
Find the hidden dulled senses perk.
You're Hired You’re Hired
Complete the tutorial.