TurnOn Achievement List

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!
Switch on the light in the big room
Light from Nowhere Light from Nowhere
Find the hidden lantern
Cable Break Cable Break
Get to the old part of the power station
Great Start! Great Start!
Get 3 lamps in “First Introduction”
Old Secrets Old Secrets
Find another way to the generator
Furniture Party Furniture Party
Come to the private party
Let there be Light! Let there be Light!
Turn on the backup generator in the power station
High Voltage High Voltage
Get 3 lamps in “Backup Generator”
Music. Sunset. Electricity Music. Sunset. Electricity
Get 3 lamps in “The Journey Begins”
The Power Station The Power Station
Bring the electricity back to the Power Station
The Light for Everyone! The Light for Everyone!
Bring the electricity back to the homes on the coast
Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind
Watch the movie on the cine-projector
Troubleshooter Troubleshooter
Get 3 lamps in “Welcome to Electro City!”
Happy Parents Happy Parents
Help the girl to get back home
Illuminator Illuminator
Get 3 lamps in “Beware of Dog!”
Electrician Services Electrician Services
Repair the wiring in the house
Secret Hideout Secret Hideout
Light up the treehouse
Habitual Things Habitual Things
Get 3 lamps in “Household Chores”
Turn Down for What?! Turn Down for What?!
Kids go home, the rest – to the party!
Pride Goes Before a Fall Pride Goes Before a Fall
Climb up to the school roof
Evening Сlasses Evening Сlasses
Place the kids into the school bus
Electrified Electrified
Get 3 lamps in “School Routine”
Winner of Quadrocopters Winner of Quadrocopters
Stop this awful machine!
Fearlessness and Courage Fearlessness and Courage
Get 3 lamps in “Observatory”
Booster Charge Booster Charge
Get 3 lamps in “Suburb”
Suburb Suburb
Bring the electricity back to Suburb!
The King of the Gas Station The King of the Gas Station
Power on the gas station, fill the gas tanks of cars
New Sheriff New Sheriff
Frighten all the bullies on the street
The Darkness is a Friend of Youth The Darkness is a Friend of Youth
Get 3 lamps in “Unrest in the darkness”
Two Years in Development Two Years in Development
Complete the very first created level!
Carwash Carwash
Power on the carwash
Attention to Details Attention to Details
Get 3 lamps in “Bulb Monument Street”
Love Despite the Darkness Love Despite the Darkness
Make a date in café
Electro City Inn Electro City Inn
Light up the vintage signboard
Agility and Diligence Agility and Diligence
Get 3 lamps in “Unusual Date”
Gastronomy Gastronomy
Light up all the signboards in the supermarket
Adman Adman
Light up all advertising banners!
Awesome Shopping Awesome Shopping
Get 3 lamps in “Night Gluttons”
Tram Madness Tram Madness
Rescue the people from the mad tram
City Hero City Hero
Get 3 lamps in “Mad Tram”
Residential District Residential District
Bring the electricity back to Residential District!
Last Stop Last Stop
Light up the tram stop
Monumentally! Monumentally!
Highlight a monument in the park
A Thorough Approach A Thorough Approach
Get 3 lamps in “Central Park”
Master of the Rhythm Master of the Rhythm
Get 3 lamps in “Night Jogging”
Water Treatments Water Treatments
Turn on the fountain
Come in, We’re Open! Come in, We’re Open!
Turn on the light in the rental booths
Golf Champion Golf Champion
Get 3 lamps in “Golf in the Dark”
Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel
Stop this Ferris Wheel! Rescue the people!
Leisurely Salvation Leisurely Salvation
Get 3 lamps in “Ferris Wheel”
Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'… Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…
Get 3 lamps in “Get out of here!”
Bright Park Bright Park
Light up all the lights in the park
Get the Party Started! Get the Party Started!
Light up the lights on the Ferris Wheel
Manuscripts Don't Burn Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Get 3 lamps in “The Smell of Trouble”
Save The Clock Tower Save The Clock Tower
Wind up the clock on the building
While No One Sees… While No One Sees…
Get 3 lamps in “Mass Rally!”
Amnesty Amnesty
Free the demonstrators!
Search Warrant Search Warrant
Get 3 lamps in “Police Station”
Aerobatics Aerobatics
Get 3 lamps in “Pursuit in the sky!”
City Center City Center
Bring the electricity back to City Center!
Big Sizes Big Sizes
Light up all the billboards on the skyscrapers
Caretaker Towers Caretaker Towers
Get 3 lamps in “Climbing Up”
Light up the CORP signboard on the skyscraper
Desperate Search Desperate Search
Get 3 lamps in “Even Higher!”
Help the Pilot Help the Pilot
Turn on the signal beacons on the landing ground
Super Speed! Super Speed!
Get 3 lamps in “Hazardous Lifts”
That's all, Folks! That’s all, Folks!
The End!.. Or not?
Masterfully Masterfully
Get 3 lamps in “The Last Generator!”
Downtown Downtown
Bring the electricity back to Downtown!
There is No Place Like Home There is No Place Like Home
Help Turnon get back home
Brought to a Close Brought to a Close
Get 3 lamps in “The Last Journey”
The Glittering City The Glittering City
Bring the electricity back to Electro City!
Electric Monster Electric Monster
Get 3 lamps in all levels
Explorer Explorer
Collect 50 lightnings
Collector Collector
Collect 200 lightnings
Meanie Meanie
Collect 500 lightnings
Master of the Lightnings Master of the Lightnings
Collect 1000 lightnings
Very Difficult Achievement Very Difficult Achievement
Collect 3000 lightnings
Team of 4? Seriously?! Team of 4? Seriously?!
Watch the Credits
Local Resident Local Resident
Get 3 lamps in “Residential District”
Storm in not an obstacle Storm in not an obstacle
Get 3 lamps in “The Roofs”
Like_the palm of the hand Like_the palm of the hand
Get 3 lamps in “So-so Admirer”