Turba Achievement List

Cool Million Cool Million
Accumulate 1,000,000 lifetime points
Fully Powered Fully Powered
Unlock all Special Powers
All Pro All Pro
Reach pro level 3 with every Special Power
Bombs Away Bombs Away
In Ascend mode and on Moderate or Intense difficulty, disarm no bombs and still pass the song (min. 10 bombs spawned)
Hoarder Hoarder
Pass a song while clearing every last Silver Block (min. 10 Silvers spawned)
You're Special You’re Special
Activate your Special Power 4 times on a song less than 2 minutes long
Semi-Pro Semi-Pro
Reach pro level 3 with any one Special Power
In Sync In Sync
You are one with the music and reached a Beat Streak of 15
Clearing the Way Clearing the Way
Clear 1,500 combos
Getting Started Getting Started
Finish a song of at least 1 minute in each game mode
Starting Strong Starting Strong
On your first clear of a round in Ascend or Descend, gain enough points to fill your Special Bar
Pile O' Points Pile O’ Points
Accumulate 10,000,000 lifetime points
Linked Up Linked Up
Select a combo of each color and make it so all the combos touch and link together
The Big Score The Big Score
Rack up 500,000 points on any song less than 5 minutes long, before endgame bonuses
That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball
Clear a combo (one color) of 20 or more blocks
Master Eraser Master Eraser
Clear 3,000 combos
The Checklist The Checklist
Review your 12 pages of stats and find that nothing is at zero (Lowest Round Score excluded)
Hard Headed Hard Headed
In Ascend mode and on Intense difficulty, pass a song while scoring 250,000 points and activating no Special Powers
The Century Mark The Century Mark
Complete 100 songs of at least 1 minute in length
No Block Left Behind No Block Left Behind
Pass a song in Descend mode without any blocks falling off the screen while scoring at least 200,000 points
Summer Block Party Summer Block Party
In one combo, clear at least 5 blocks of each color, 2 silver blocks and 1 bomb block. Those red blocks are real party animals.