Tumblestone Achievement List

Crossing the Rubicon Crossing the Rubicon
Complete World 1.
Stupid Lake Stupid Lake
Complete World 2.
My Darkest Hour My Darkest Hour
Complete World 3.
Don't get Snooty Don’t get Snooty
Complete World 4.
Mrrmmmppphhh!!! Mrrmmmppphhh!!!
Complete World 6.
Sausage Not Good Frozen! Sausage Not Good Frozen!
Complete World 7.
Off With His Head! Off With His Head!
Complete World 9.
Go Deep Go Deep
Complete World 10.
One Groovy Explanation Later One Groovy Explanation Later
Complete World 11.
Thank You for a Very Enjoyable Game Thank You for a Very Enjoyable Game
Complete the Story Mode.
Orion's Belt Orion’s Belt
Solve a 3-star Practice Puzzle.
A Step in the Right Direction A Step in the Right Direction
Solve Puzzle 2-8 using 44 moves.
Off to the Races Off to the Races
Win an online Puzzle Race match.
Super Genius Super Genius
Win a Puzzle Race match using a modifier.
Get Rect Get Rect
Win an online Battle match.
Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher
Win a Battle match against 3 Nightmare bots.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Win an online Tug of War match.
Fugue Fugue
Win a Tug of War match against 3 Nightmare bots.
Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush
Get a score of 333 in Heartbeat.
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
Empty the board in Heartbeat.
Deep One Deep One
Get a score of 500 in Infinipuzzle.
Deep Six Deep Six
Get a score of 333 in Infinipuzzle using a modifier.
Remember the Athenians Remember the Athenians
Get a score of 1,234 in Marathon.
Toastmaster Toastmaster
Empty the board in Marathon.
Big Cheese Big Cheese
Reach rank 25.
Overachiever Overachiever
Complete 25 quests.