True Love ~Confide to the Maple~ Achievement List

After the friendship After the friendship
Tingtao is really powerful.
Maple and feather paradise Maple and feather paradise
Yao Fengxi’s good ending finish.
Water put out maple Water put out maple
Yao Fengxi’s bad ending finish.
Cozy sea and eternal sound Cozy sea and eternal sound
Tang Haiyin’s good ending finish.
Good ending Good ending
Tang Haiyin’s bad ending finish.
Game master Game master
five endings finish.
CG collector CG collector
Collect all of the game CG.
careful thinking careful thinking
All options are clicked,except that one.
solidarity solidarity
An association established.
Most familiar stranger Most familiar stranger
Tingxue come on stage.
Change of the fate Change of the fate
If life restart.
Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
I lost my first kiss on my birthday.
Fengyi's smile Fengyi’s smile
I saw a horrible scene.
Persistent Persistent
New life is about to begin.
Meet again Meet again
Guessing game,I finally got it.
This is the best comfort for her. This is the best comfort for her.
After the sky wheel,I believe the soul is sure to be exist.
Sharing the beautiful moon Sharing the beautiful moon
I will carefully taste the mooncake.
The poetry under the maple The poetry under the maple
I know her privacy.
Fenghua girl Fenghua girl
If we meet,we must cherish each other;If there is fate, we must care about it!
deceased person deceased person
She introduced her family.
dynamic dynamic
Guihai guide me again,fortunately not at the Ben Jing.
Reunion on Christmas Eve Reunion on Christmas Eve
It was a cruel scene.
True love forever True love forever
all achievements reached.