Trigger Saint Achievement List

Trigger Happy Trigger Happy
100 Lifetime Kills
Trigger Sting Trigger Sting
500 Lifetime Kills
Trigger Tap Trigger Tap
1000 Lifetime Kills
Trigger King Trigger King
2000 Lifetime Kills
Oooo Shiny Oooo Shiny
Collect 500 Skill Coins
Coin Collector Coin Collector
Collect 1000 Skill Coins
I Love Gold! I Love Gold!
Collect 5000 Skill Coins
In My Sights In My Sights
Defeat The Green Zone Boss
A Skilled Hunter A Skilled Hunter
Defeat The Red Zone Boss
Master Of Transmutation Master Of Transmutation
Transmute 300 Items
Trophy Kill Trophy Kill
Defeat The Blue Zone Boss
Memories In The Machine Memories In The Machine
Find The Room Of The Creator
Master Of The Battlefield Master Of The Battlefield
Complete A 25 Kill Combo
Divine Strategist Divine Strategist
Complete A 50 Kill Combo