Traverser Achievement List

Exterminate! Exterminate!
Jump and squish 5 insects.
Macho Man! Macho Man!
Prove your strength in the “High Striker” mini game in Lower City.
Peacekeeper Peacekeeper
Never destroy any PK-bots with the help of your gravity glove.
Marathon Marathon
Run a total of 15 km.
Invasion of Invasion of Privacy Invasion of Invasion of Privacy
Collect all 21 trace bots.
Power Player Power Player
Pass 4,000 points playing Traverser Freddy: The Video Game.
Queen of the Beggars Queen of the Beggars
Bust out the prison inmates.
Ghost Protocol Ghost Protocol
Escape the prison without being seen.
Paragon Paragon
Bring Celine’s notebook back.
Renegade Renegade
Throw Celine’s notebook away.
Bibliophile Bibliophile
Find all of the secret notes.
Professional Plumber Professional Plumber
Complete the plumbing puzzle with only 6 pipe pieces.
Whirlwind Whirlwind
Get past the whirlpool in less than 15 seconds.
Meat the Chef Meat the Chef
Slap a piece of meat on the chef’s head.
Smashing! Smashing!
Stun 5 guards.
Clever Girl Clever Girl
Find a way into the warehouse without any help.
Indoctrination Indoctrination
Watch all of the Raven Corporation broadcasts.
Again, Again! Again, Again!
Use a flip machine 10 times in a row.
Base Jumper Base Jumper
Jump and fall 20 m without dying.
Don't Waste Your Breath Don’t Waste Your Breath
Release all of the oxygen in Phil Air’s house.