Trapper’s Delight Achievement List

Get to the Point Get to the Point
Get 10 Arrow Trap Kills
Coin Collector Coin Collector
Collect 10 Coins
Coin Hoarder Coin Hoarder
Collect 100 Coins
Big Bang Big Bang
Destroy at least 4 traps with a single Bomb
A Grave Situation A Grave Situation
Die 100 times
Toasty Toasty
Get 10 kills with Fireball Traps
Flip them off Flip them off
Get 20 kills with Flipper Traps
Eye Protection Recommended Eye Protection Recommended
Get 10 kills with Acid Traps
You're over here now! You’re over here now!
Get 10 kills with Hidden Jump Traps
Into the Fire Into the Fire
Get 15 kills with Hidden Lava traps
Boing! Boing!
Get 5 Jump Trap Kills
Absolutely Sawful Absolutely Sawful
Get 10 Moving Saw Kills
Terribly Sawesome Terribly Sawesome
Get 10 Grinder Kills
Path of the Ninja Path of the Ninja
Get 20 Shuriken Kills
Trapped in a Dungeon with Friends Trapped in a Dungeon with Friends
Play an online game with 3 people on your friends list.
Watch Your Steps Watch Your Steps
Take 10000 Steps
Bad Timing Bad Timing
Get 15 Timed Pit kills
Chilling Chilling
Get 15 kills with Triple Ice trap
Stabbing Pains Stabbing Pains
Get 15 kills with Wall Spikes
Victory Victory
Win an online game of Trapper’s Delight
Trapper's Delight Trapper’s Delight
Win 10 online games
Hazardous Explosives Hazardous Explosives
Kill another player with a Bomb
Trap Party Trap Party
Play a 4 player local multiplayer game
Age of the Hammer Age of the Hammer
Get 10 Hammer Kills
Make Levels Not War Make Levels Not War
Upload a level to the Steam Workshop