Trap House Achievement List

The Creator The Creator
Upload 1 level to be shared with the Community.
Giving Life Giving Life
Save a character using a unique item for each category within the Customizer.
A Psycho's Playground A Psycho’s Playground
Download 1 level from the Community.
Couch Party Couch Party
Play in a party of 4 friends.
Getting Started Getting Started
Recieve your first unlockable item.
Started From The Bottom... Started From The Bottom…
Win your first match in any game mode.
Artist Artist
Create and play a Custom level.
Friends Make The Best Targets. Friends Make The Best Targets.
Win 5 Deathmatch or Last Man Standing matches.
Dodge This! Dodge This!
Win 5 Dodgesaw matches.
Anywhere But Here Anywhere But Here
Win 5 Escape matches.
The Beautiful Game The Beautiful Game
Win 5 Murderball matches.
Score 25 goals while playing Murderball.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Push each of the three base enemy types in the game to their death.
Death Happens Death Happens
Accumulate 250 total deaths.
Key Master Key Master
Collect 1000 keys throughout play time.
Game Master Game Master
Complete 100 matches across all game types.
Hoarder Hoarder
Earn 50 unlockable items.
In It To Win It In It To Win It
Unlock all Bronze tier stand-alone items and complete sets.
Chest Lover Chest Lover
Open each of the three tiered chests within the Unlock screen.
Conquistador Conquistador
Conquer a Premade Gauntlet level.
Committed Committed
Complete 50% of the single player Challenge levels.
Pusher Collector Pusher Collector
Accumulate 25 unlockable sets.
Serial Pusher Serial Pusher
Accumulate 250 kills across all game types.
More Than A Tourist More Than A Tourist
Play on every Premade map in the game.
Unlock all Gold tier stand-alone items and complete sets.
Silver Bullet Silver Bullet
Unlock all Silver tier stand-alone items and complete sets.
Ace Shot Ace Shot
Get a triple kill in dodgesaw.
Stayin Alive! Stayin Alive!
Beat a Premade Gauntlet level without dying.
Most Valuable Pusher Most Valuable Pusher
Earn MVP 10 times across all game types.
Safe!!! Safe!!!
Reach 25 checkpoints in Gauntlet.