Train Valley Achievement List

Getting started Getting started
Receive 5 stamps.
Collector Collector
Receive 15 stamps.
Philatelist Philatelist
Receive 30 stamps.
Tycoon Tycoon
Receive 60 stamps.
Prick of conscience Prick of conscience
Fail 10 tasks.
Living it large Living it large
Become a millionaire.
Europe Europe
Complete the first season.
America America
Complete the second season.
Russia Russia
Complete the third season.
Japan Japan
Complete the fourth season.
Let's roll! Let’s roll!
Launch a rocket.
It's no coincidence It’s no coincidence
Go bankrupt 10 times.
Woodcutter Woodcutter
Remove 300 trees.
Remove 50 animals.
Vandal Vandal
Destroy a building worth 100k.
Builder Builder
Build 1000 track tiles.
Foreman Foreman
Build 5000 track tiles.
Just in time! Just in time!
Transport 500 trains.
Sabotage Sabotage
Blow up 100 trains.
Missed it! Missed it!
Transport 50 trains to a wrong destination.
Ouroboros Ouroboros
Make a train crash into itself.
Close call! Close call!
Get two trains pass very close to each other.
Mega-railroad Mega-railroad
Complete a level with 300 track tiles.
Juggler Juggler
Complete a level with 10 simultaneously running trains.
Forgotten. Forgotten.
Complete a level with the first deployed train delivered the last.
Lucky vandal Lucky vandal
Destroy a building worth 100k and complete a level.
Non Stop! Non Stop!
Complete any level on 2, 3 or 4 season without pausing the game.
Madness! Madness!
Complete 80% of any level at speed x2.
Completely nuts! Completely nuts!
Complete 50% of any level at speed x4.
Сhancellor Сhancellor
Receive 75 stamps.
Germany Germany
Complete the fifth season.
Engineer Engineer
Build 10000 track tiles.
Peacemaker Peacemaker
Remove 10 tanks.
Need to think Need to think
Press pause button 100 times.
Achtung! Achtung!
Get bombed.
Supercrash! Supercrash!
Have an accident with supertrain and complete a level.
Maniac vandal Maniac vandal
Destroy buildings worth 300k and complete a level.
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris
Blow up 10 trains and complete a level.
Salesman Salesman
Make a train visit 8 different stations.