Townopolis Achievement List

Builder Builder
Build 10 buildings.
Expert builder Expert builder
Build 75 buildings.
Master builder Master builder
Build 250 buildings.
Improver Improver
Upgrade 25 buildings.
Expert improver Expert improver
Upgrade 100 buildings.
Master improver Master improver
Upgrade 300 buildings.
Demolisher Demolisher
Demolish 2 buildings.
Expert demolisher Expert demolisher
Demolish 10 buildings.
Master demolisher Master demolisher
Demolish 50 buildings.
Preparator Preparator
Clear 50 plots.
Planner Planner
Reach 100 total happiness.
Rich Rich
Earn $100,000,000.
Storekeeper Storekeeper
Order 300,000 units of material.
Trainer Trainer
Train 100 workers.
Manager Manager
Buy 30 licenses.
Popular Popular
Build a town with 1,000 residents.
Freeman Freeman
Win 12 sandbox scenarios.
Skilled Skilled
Earn 12 silver or gold stars.
Quick Quick
Earn all the gold stars.
Hardworking Hardworking
Earn 10 trophies.
Diligent Diligent
Earn all the trophies.
Architect Architect
Complete the entire campaign.