Tormentum – Dark Sorrow Achievement List

Deadly trap Deadly trap
Kill the wasteland dweller by opening the cage floor
The rodent savior The rodent savior
Release the wasteland dweller from the cage
Assassin Assassin
Kill the woman imprisoned in the cage
Mercy has a face of a woman Mercy has a face of a woman
Free the woman from her cage
Spider food Spider food
Release the spider
Helping hand Helping hand
Fix the machine in the sewers
Long arm of justice Long arm of justice
Fully release the spikes in the torture device
Diversion Diversion
Hide the blades in the torture device
The fugitive The fugitive
Escape the castle
Scarecrow Scarecrow
Give the storm egg to the tree creature
Egg for the winged one Egg for the winged one
Give the storm egg to the winged creature
Death by drowining Death by drowining
Drop the prisoner down the well
Wishing well Wishing well
Save the prisoner from the well
Crowned reptile Crowned reptile
Give the treasure from the tombs to the inhabitant of the tower
The rat king The rat king
Give the treasure from the tombs to the inhabitants of the wasteland hut
One way ticket One way ticket
Start the train
Keeper of secrets Keeper of secrets
Don’t reveal the winged creature’s hideout
Snitch Snitch
Reveal the winged creature’s hiding place
Conservator Conservator
Renovate 30 paintings in the Painter’s cathedral
Art critic Art critic
Destroy 3 paintings in the Painter’s cathedral
Art connoisseur Art connoisseur
Examine every painting in the Painter’s cathedral
Forgiveness Forgiveness
Set the Jester free
Revenge Revenge
Leave the Jester for certain death
A farewell to winter A farewell to winter
Enter the portal
Damnation Damnation
End the game as evil
Salvation Salvation
End the game as good
Bookworm Bookworm
Read all books
Scribe Scribe
Collect all notes
Total recall Total recall
Finish the game without using the notebook
Chef Chef
Prepare the poisoned meat
Archeologist Archeologist
Find the mysterious drawing in the mines
Sightseer Sightseer
Look at all roadsigns
The wonder years The wonder years
Look at the picture over the mantelpiece in the rat’s hut
Wall of the damned Wall of the damned
Look through the hole in the wall in the catacombs