Toribash Achievement List

White Belt White Belt
A long road lies ahead of you young one.
Yellow Belt Yellow Belt
And so the journey begins…
Orange Belt Orange Belt
You are on your way…
Green Belt Green Belt
Al Gore would be proud.
Blue Belt Blue Belt
It only gets harder from here.
Brown Belt Brown Belt
Whoooah we’re half way the-ere!
Black Belt Black Belt
The real deal starts now.
2nd Dan 2nd Dan
On the path to greatness! 2,000 Qi.
3rd Dan 3rd Dan
The holy triumvirate! 3,000 Qi and counting…
4th Dan 4th Dan
Four to the floor gonna get me summore? 4,000qi.
5th Dan 5th Dan
Your name is not Dan, nor are you 5. Congrats! 5,000 Qi.
6th Dan! 6th Dan!
Time sure does fly. 6,000 Qi
7th Dan! 7th Dan!
Lucky number 7. 7,000 Qi.
8th Dan! 8th Dan!
Follow the eightfold path. 8,000 Qi.
9th Dan! 9th Dan!
You must be on cloud 9. 9,000 Qi!
10th dan! 10th dan!
Sure is lonely the top.. 10,000 Qi.
Master Belt! Master Belt!
For only the masters of the game.
Custom Belt! Custom Belt!
You just play and play and you cannot stop! You are a legend!
God Belt! God Belt!
You have achieved ultimate glory!
Elite Belt! Elite Belt!
No one can come close to your skill!