Toadled Achievement List

The Chosen Toad The Chosen Toad
Reach Stage 10 in Survival Mode without ANY enemies hitting you. Good luck!
The Hunger Is Strong In This One The Hunger Is Strong In This One
Eat 200 things in 1 run.
Nice Clickin’, Tex! Nice Clickin’, Tex!
Eat 100 things in 1 run.
Tongue Time Tongue Time
Eat 10 things while in slowmo.
It’s A Toad Eat Dog World It’s A Toad Eat Dog World
Eat 5 dogs in a row without eating anything in the middle of them.
Toad Survivor Toad Survivor
Reach Stage 10 on Survival Mode.
Rolling In The Dough Rolling In The Dough
Have over 10,000 coins.
Toad, Evolve! Toad, Evolve!
Reach Stage 2
You’re Melting You’re Melting
Reach Stage 5
Got These Sacks Got These Sacks
Reach Stage 6
Toad Twister Toad Twister
Reach Stage 8
The Hunger Awakens The Hunger Awakens
Eat 100 things total.
Calorie Counting Be Damned Calorie Counting Be Damned
Eat 200 things total.
Slow Down and Chew Your Food Slow Down and Chew Your Food
Eat 500 things total.
Downright Ravenous Downright Ravenous
Eat 1000 things total.
Glutton For Punishment Glutton For Punishment
Eat 15 Of Everything
Find all parts of Toad’s story
Omnipotent Toad God Omnipotent Toad God
Max out all your stats.