To Be or Not To Be Achievement List

Be Honest Be Honest
You Just Wanted to Make Out Some More
A Cunning Plan A Cunning Plan
Find an Oversized Papier-Mâché Hamlet Head
Hammertime Hammertime
Meet Yourself Through Time Travel
Crazy Like a FOX Crazy Like a FOX
Out-Crazy Laertes
Decisions, Decisions Decisions, Decisions
Read the Book Within A Book
EXTREME Chiropractor! EXTREME Chiropractor!
Break Three People’s Necks
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Discover a Delicious Recipe for Stew
Freestyled Freestyled
Lose a Rap Battle Against a Gravedigger
Inaction Man Inaction Man
Cheat at Solitaire
Find a Flaw in Hamlet’s Book
Live and Let Rye Live and Let Rye
Observe a Sandwich Overdose
Mind Control Mind Control
Control Reality Using Ophelia’s Thoughts
Montage! Montage!
Train Your Skills Using the Power of Montage
Experience the Most Awkward Hug Ever
Nobody Will Miss Polonius Nobody Will Miss Polonius
Murder That Guy Polonius for No Real Reason
North By NorthNorth North By NorthNorth
Inhabit the Author’s Consciousness
Party Boat! Party Boat!
Party on a Boat
Queen Me Queen Me
Beat Queen Gertrude at Chess
Royal Note Passer Royal Note Passer
Get an ENTIRE Court to Read an Incriminating Letter
Rules Lawyering! Rules Lawyering!
Score a Point Through Your Pedantry
Seal of Approval Seal of Approval
Commit Mail Fraud
Stairmaster Stairmaster
Push Two People in a Row Down Stairs
Such Manners! Such Manners!
Be Polite
They're Fine They’re Fine
Attempt to Puppeteer the Fate of Others
This Should Be Fun! This Should Be Fun!
Invent Second Person Pronoun-Paradoxial Auto-Dramatic Irony
Two Moves?! Two Moves?!
Be the Worst Possible Chess Player
Kill Hamlet by Muscle Memory
Under the Sea Under the Sea
Explore a Sunken Ship as a Ghost
When Exactly Were You Practicing? When Exactly Were You Practicing?
Blatantly Lie About Your Fencing Skills
Yo Hamlet, Smell Ya Later! Yo Hamlet, Smell Ya Later!
Describe Hamlet’s Situation in Rhyming Verse
To Be He To Be He
Choose To Play As Hamlet
To Be She To Be She
Choose To Play As Ophelia
Not To Be Not To Be
Choose To Play As King Hamlet, Sr.