TinyKeep Achievement List

Pacifist Pacifist
Complete the game without directly killing any enemies
You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone
Leave Maggie behind in the dungeon
Backstabber Backstabber
Give your friend and ally what was coming to her
Immaculate Challenge Immaculate Challenge
Complete the game without being hurt at all
Developer Access Only Developer Access Only
Access the developer’s office
These Glorious Few These Glorious Few
Complete the game without using a shrine once
Meagre Vegan Meagre Vegan
Complete the game without eating a single piece of food
You Can Block? You Can Block?
Complete the game without a shield
Brains! Brains!
Resurrect from the dead
The First Of Many The First Of Many
Die the first time
BigKeep BigKeep
Complete the game in New Game+ mode
A Beautiful Moustache A Beautiful Moustache
Grace the dungeon with an air of elegance and sophistication
Dirty Cheat Dirty Cheat
Disregard the principles of permadeath
Defender Defender
Find a Shield
Warrior Warrior
Find a Sword
Coinage Coinage
Discover a treasure chest
Violent Escape Violent Escape
Kill your first hostile
Saviour Saviour
Release your first prisoner
Penitent Penitent
Sacrifice gold to the gods
Big Ballin' Big Ballin’
Defeat the first boss
Acid Bath Acid Bath
Find a use for that damn acid cauldron
Piñata Piñata
Discover the hidden stash of gold
Crystal Cleanser Crystal Cleanser
Destroy your first crystal
Invasion Invasion
Release the horde
Big Spender Big Spender
Sacrifice gold to the higher gods
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Ascend to the overgrown surface
Elevated Expectations Elevated Expectations
Discover the secret shop entrance
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Beat Level 5
Magic Blocker Magic Blocker
Deflect a magical projectile
Portal Portal
Reach the Alternate Demonsion
Mother of Dragons Mother of Dragons
Befriend a Baby Dragon
Maggie's Wrath Maggie’s Wrath
Incur the wrath of Maggie
Blade of Fire Blade of Fire
Discover the Flaming Sword
Lord of Time Lord of Time
Master the ability to bend time
Party Party
Witness a Dungeon Party
Sword of God Sword of God
Unlock the Final Weapon